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Letter to the Editor 2-26
Our laws should apply to everyone
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Our president, Donald Trump, says that anyone who commits a crime, those who are aliens, would be deported.
That would go for everyone who is in this country as an illegal alien. Wouldn't that be all of them for trespassing, which is a crime, is it not?
Trump is, according to him, "very, very smart."
It is also a crime to knowingly hire these people who are here illegally. When I look for a job, I have to show two IDs, one with a picture.
What is President Trump's plan for punishing these employers?
The majority of companies are run by affluent people. Take this county for instance. You see hundreds of illegal aliens working in the fields of these nurseries, and they are hired by millionaires. I know one at least who owns a private airport. They are violating the law.
If we as a nation approve of the law, these people need punishment, if we truly go by the law.
We must go by the law, for everyone. No one should be exempt, not even the president.
You know people who break the law are "very bad hombres."

Andy Fabri
Goff Mill Road