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Lets throw trash out car windows
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Many states have banned, or soon will ban, texting and phoning while you drive because it's so distracting. However, it's a well-known fact eating, fiddling with the radio, singing along with Beyonce, making hand-gestures to other drivers and wiping the ketchup that has dribbled onto your shirt from that burger you just ate while driving are all perfectly safe activities.
I think we'll all feel better if we know we were killed by a guy eating a cheeseburger and not by a jerk on his cellphone.
Funny thing though, when drivers finish their phone calls, they usually don't throw their phones out the window. But when they've finished the burger and the soda, they toss the remains out the window, wherever they happen to be -- just like we all do. Sure, there are some neat freaks who put all the extra napkins, unopened ketchup packets, burger wrappers and empty french fry boxes all into one bag before they toss it. But most people just toss each item out separately.
Wait, what? You don't do that? Oh, yeah, I forgot, neither do I. What is the thinking here? That this stuff is far too nasty to keep in the car until you can find a garbage can? What is the big problem with keeping your trash in the car until you can dispose of it? Or is your mother driving behind you just to pick up after you?
Let's see: You have enough money to have a car, you have enough money to buy gas, you have enough money to buy junk food and you've got to be over 16 to have a license. So we know you know better than to throw your garbage out the window.
What floors my bottle-collecting friends is how many empty bottles of water they find on the side of the road. In their mind, people who drink bottled water can do no wrong. After all, they are the parents who don't let their children drink sugary sodas; the joggers, runners and speed walkers – why on earth would they throw their garbage out of a car window and spoil the natural world they love so much?
What does a small child do when he's angry or frustrated? He throws things. Ever been golfing with a club thrower? The guy may be president of a bank, but he hasn't a clue how to channel his anger.
Throwing fast-food waste out a car window says you're mad at the world. But why are you taking out your anger on the rest of us? If you don't like your parents, go tell them, not me. If you hate your job, get another one. Besides, if throwing trash out the car window solved problems, trust me, everyone would be doing it.
Some days, I think they are.
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