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Just a Thought - Seeking a new hobby at my age
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I’m about to turn 53 and all everyone can talk about is the slap heard around the world. 

Who hasn’t had the desire to smack someone? You just can’t do it, not even in this Wild West gun-toting world we’re regressing back into. It’s even more important now for everyone to practice self-control. Act like your parents raised you right or situations like this will keep happening.

So, I’m knocking at the door of 53. What should I do? According to, suggested was the following life changes to make after 50: 

• Conquer a long-held fear. That would be heights. Probably not going to happen. If it didn’t happen in my teens through 40s, not possible after 50.

• Try out a cool hairstyle. I’ve had the same one since high school. The length and color occasionally changes, but that's it. I like it so it stays.

• Travel somewhere you’ve never been. Bud Sharp, who recently passed away, used to come into the office. He’d criticize me for not traveling. He challenged me to take a vacation in 2022 and travel somewhere, anywhere. I might just do it. He thought I'd like San Francisco to tour wineries.

• Start a book club. Joined one once, but work prevented attendance.

• Adopt a pet. Two 85 to 90 pound dogs is enough for one small house. 

• Learn to garden. This is a possibility. I’d like to reduce my grocery bills. Fruits and vegetables are outrageous. My daughter and I want to start out with one item and see what happens. Gardening, it says, is a low-impact, highly rewarding activity for us older folks. 

• Begin working on crossword puzzles. It says your 50s are a perfect time to finally tackle that seemingly impossible crossword you’ve been too intimidated to try until now, and that research suggests that you might remain mentally sharp for longer if crosswords are part of your regular routine. 

• Start journaling. It says journaling can provide a great outlet for those feelings while helping you remember all the great things going on in your life.

• Run a race. Like the rat race I’ve been running since 16 isn’t enough?

Also suggested: trace your family genealogy, learn a new language, take up yoga, read classic literature, learn to appreciate wine, get regular massages, learn to cook, create a signature dish, try therapy, volunteer, buy yourself a big gift, have a family reunion, make vegetables non-negotiable in every meal, take up painting, spend more time outside, learn to surf, remodel your home, get involved in your neighborhood, go camping, take dance lessons, take a writing class, learn to meditate, and make amends with your exes. 

Has anyone ever asked you how you like your coffee? Best response: “I like my coffee like my exes. Bitter, very bitter.”

I’ll focus on taking that vacation in 2022. Does a honeymoon count? 

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.