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Just a Thought - Princess almost got skunked
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Princess, my daughter’s dog, about took a shot to the face Friday morning. 

She is a wild child, as my daughter calls her. When I walk her in the mornings, it’s not a leisurely stroll that renews the body and centers the mind. Far from it. Her walks are filled with “Princess, come,” “Princess, no,” “Princess, go,” “Princess, get away from there,” and “Princess, stop it.” 

Much like having a child, I have to watch her every second. She must sniff everything – darting back and forth, forward and backward. Also like children do, some things go right into her mouth. I can actually see her mind racing. It’s probably chaos in there.

We are taking our customary morning walk and she’s darting back and forth from one side of the street to the other. I’m watching her, as a good "not grandma" should. As she darted from my right to my left, I saw a movement in the grass. It was something black in color, but I didn’t immediately comprehend what it was due to the height of the grass. 

As Princess lunged toward whatever it was, I saw a bushy tail go up. My reaction was then quick and decisive – I jerked on that leash with all my might. She was within inches of a skunk and it was within shooting range of her face. As I’m attempting to jerk Princess back and reel in the leash, she’s trying with all her might to go forward and get a better look. It was a battle of strengths, which I won. 

Even after I had Princess next to me and the skunk had retreated to the other side of a fence, she was still trying with all her might for a closer inspection. It took a few minutes to get her mind off the skunk and onto walking.

Thanks to paying close attention and taking quick action, the air was filled with "no, no, no, no, no" and not the fragrant aroma of skunk. Princess had no idea how close she came to having the worst day of her 2 years of life. I can only image how bad it is for a dog to be sprayed in the face. 

On the lighter side of things, people’s butts are missing me. I’ve received three “butt dials” from people this week. Three! If that phrase is news to you, it refers to the action of inadvertently calling someone on a cellphone in one’s rear pants pocket by sitting on it. 

I’m sure “pocket dialing” is more accurate, since it can happen in any pocket, but the previous usage is much more humorous. 

When those happen to you, how long do you allow it to continue before hanging up? I slipped into creepy during one and listened to my boyfriend’s activities for about five minutes.

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