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Just a Thought - Nice garden can brighten your day
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I have yard envy.

My boyfriend Bob has the most carefully thought out and landscaped backyard that I have ever seen for a man who does not own a landscape business. I’m not sure how to describe everything and do it justice, but I will try. 

It has a butterfly garden with a pebbled walkway. At its center and around the border are raised flower beds with an abundance of different flowers, trees and bushes. It has a seating area. If the beauty of the plants aren’t enough, he has garden globes and other decorations in abundance. 

In another area he has two koi ponds. One has a waterfall in one and in the other a water fountain spouting from it. One has water lilies that bloom every morning and they are gorgeous. Surrounding those are plants of all types, including banana plants. Believe it or not, these are very impressive. 

Between the two ponds, there’s a raised walkway that you can sit on and enjoy your surroundings. There’s also a bench for those who need a little more support. Either way, the sound of running water is enough to make you forget your worries.

Along the border of the house, he had raised flower beds with even more variety of plants. Plants are everywhere. I can’t remember any of the names. Too much info. 

He has an outdoor kitchen with a really nice seating area. Sitting out there with a cup of coffee is wonderful. Beside it, he is establishing another garden area. 

Everywhere you look there are ceramic animals, such as turtles, frogs and what appears to be an alligator popping up on the pond’s walkway – an interesting touch to say the least. You couldn’t count all the angel statues.  

He has an aquarium for plants inside his house and greenhouse that he constructed behind it.  

This all seems to be his sanctuary and a labor of love. While some men have a “man cave” to hide in, he has this luxurious plant-friendly zone that he loves to share with others.

I’ll sit and watch him. He’ll tell me about this plant or that plant. What this plant needs, what that plant hates. Once, he commented that I was probably bored. Not even close. I was fascinated. He ended one session with, “That concludes the gardening with Bob hour.” I smiled. 

I have mentioned starting my own garden, but he had some words of wisdom. 

“Don’t do it,” he said. “It’s too much work. Just come here and enjoy mine. If you really want to, start very small and work your way into something larger. There’s a lot more work to it than most people could image.” 

After watching him, I agree that it might be too much for me. I do all I can to mow. My free time, to say the least, is limited. 

I did listen and selected one area to clean to establish a small garden. We’ll see how it goes or grows.  

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.