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Just a Thought - My trust issues with big pharma
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“Trust me,” says big pharma. 

“I will not,” I reply. 

The most popular question asked these days is: “Are you getting the COVID-19 vaccination?” 

My response remains unchanged: Not until I’m 100% positive this vaccine is safe. I, unlike others, need more than someone’s word for it.

I’m hearing all the things you are, “It’s been tested, they said,” “It’s not harmful, they said,” “It will protect you, they said.”

Pharmaceutical companies have destroyed any trust I might have had in them. Trust, as they say, takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Big pharma sold us this same bill of goods about hydrocodone – it’s safe. That deception led to a prescription painkiller epidemic. Between it and medical doctors handing out hydrocodone prescriptions like M&Ms, the general public was unaware of the true dangers. 

Making money is a pharmaceutical company’s top priority, but it should be the health of the community. Because it is a business, I envision a large group of men and women wearing expensive suits sitting around a large table enjoying lattes and scones as they consider how much money can be made by a particular product in comparison to the litigation costs. 

If the net is a healthy bottom line, they give a stamp of approval for the product and then head for an exclusive golf course, private health club, luxury yacht or jet off for a fabulous two-week retreat in the Alps as they contemplate how much richer they’ll become. 

Given what I’ve seen thus far, I do not believe the clinical trials were sufficient before releasing this vaccine to the public. There was too much of a rush to be the first to get the vaccine on the market. Some trials were done, obviously, in order to develop a list of potential side effects. 

Originally, they said the two shots would offer three months of protection. Then, that time frame was extended to six months of protection. Now, I’m hearing that a third shot will be necessary within a year. Those changes bothered me then and bother me now. 

Because I do not believe clinical trials were extensively conducted, people taking these shots are now the guinea pigs. I would never sign up for a clinic trial, and I’m not signing up now. Until the vaccine has been on the market for a few years and I’m assured that we haven’t been sold another bottle of lies that will leave us in misery and them even richer, a COVID vaccine is not going into this body. 

My plan is to continue social distancing, wear a facemask when I must come into close proximity to others and wash my hands often. Speaking only for myself, I believe that prescription is a far better path to take at this time. 

If you don’t want to do those things, roll up a sleeve and take that medication. 

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.