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Just a Thought - My job allows me to be me
Lisa Hobbs, new mugshot.jpg

Someone asked me if I liked my job. A nod and verbal confirmation was followed by, “What do you like most about it?”

Nosey much? I guess I’d never thought too much about it because I didn’t have an immediate reply. My blank stare spoke volumes, I’m sure.

I began working at the newspaper in 2005. My job was the city beat. I covered McMinnville government, as well as human interest stories, school news and my column. I thought I had my hands full. My witticism motto quickly became, “Give me what I want and I’ll go away.” I’ve seen me do it.

As they years rolled by, my Type A personality enthusiastically added more and more to my to-do list. Today, along with my original assignments, I also cover county government and write about crime, wrecks, fires, weddings, business and I dabble in some sports, archery and pickleball. I’m also over Community Calendar and Best Wishes.

I sit through probably more than 300 government meetings a year. I write the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to government news. Because most of the meetings are in the evenings, my witticism for elected officials is, “They are destroying my life.”

Recently, I handed one job responsibility off to Nikki Childers – not easy, given my dominant personality. Our Pet of the Week in the Sunday’s edition has been my endeavor since the adoption effort began years ago. I’d featured a dog or cat at Warren County Animal Control and Adoption Center. She asked and I, reluctantly, allowed one item to fall from my plate.

Today, with all I do, my witticism motto has been replaced with something more straightforward, “If it’s newsworthy, I’ll cover it.”

So, what do I like most about my job? I like:

• The collaboration here in editorial. We brainstorm and have open discussions about content.

• The comradery with my co-workers. It can become stressful, so having a sense of humor is a must-have.

• Assisting with local organizations, people and their fundraising efforts.

• Helping people, when I can. We have some awesome people in Warren County.

• A writing challenge. Creative freedom, to a degree. I like to think outside the box and that’s OK here.

• The momentum. We have three papers a week. I’m deadline-driven. Occasionally, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I have to step away.

• Everyday can bring a new challenge. It’s unpredictable.

• Watching a good story evolve.

• Building working relationships.

• Learning, so I like articles that require it.

• That I have a great boss.

The list could go on and on as to what I like about my job. I could generate a list just as long on what I don’t like about it. No job is perfect. As for narrowing it down to one item that I like the most, it might be the fact that I get to be me.

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.