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Just a Thought - Let's finally get to acceptance
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I’m going gray listening to baseless claims of widespread voter fraud month after month.

Elections can be a source of great stress. I get it. The political roller coaster: anxiety, enthusiasm, uncertainty, the vote. Election Day followed by exhilaration for some and downheartedness for others. For those who board that ride, those emotions can be very stressful. Postelection grief can be very difficult to overcome.

Stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Let’s get to that final stage, please.

If you wake up feeling depressed after an election (any election), focus on healthy living to help restore your energy. Take a break from social media. Log off for a few days or a couple weeks. Get enough sleep, eat well and get some exercise (the hike I suggested last week). Talk to a trusted friend or family member. Have a date night, girls night, or guys night. Limit political talk or avoid it altogether.

Taking positive steps can help you accept the electoral loss. Unwanted and disliked policies are a part of democracy. It can’t always be wanted and liked policies. It can’t always be your candidate that rises in triumph. No participation awards given. There will be losers.

Once upon a time and not too long ago, Warren County Commission’s monthly sessions were strictly used to conduct business and only business coming out of committees. It was roll call, adoption of the docket, reading of the minutes, departmental reports, committee reports, unfinished business, new business, announcements by commission members, and adjournment.

After only a few short years, those government meetings have been transformed into something almost unrecognizable and ridiculously long. If it couldn’t get any worse, those meeting are now being used as podiums for baseless claims of widespread voter fraud through public comments.

Here’s a thought: stop televising Warren County Commission meetings and get back to conducting county government business.

This month’s meeting will have a “special” presentation dedicated to the same subject matter. There’s nothing special (distinguished; not usual or commonplace) about it. It’s going to be the same comments heard over the last several months.

I waited until after the election for this column. I didn’t want to deter someone’s efforts to be elected. The Warren County Commission needs a new chairperson when it votes in September. Commissioner Blaine Wilcher wants to remove the restrictions on public comment. Either he believes in voter fraud or he was vying for votes. Either way, not good.

It’s been two years and no evidence has been found that would have changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Let’s get to that final stage, please.

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.