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Just a Thought - I'm in love ... with my new pet
Lisa Hobbs, new mugshot.jpg

This might sound a little forward, but I’m in love and don’t care who knows. 

When it happens, you just can’t help yourself. Love is a wonderful thing. It can range from an intense feeling of affection all the way to a deep romantic attachment. An accurate definition that fits every situation would be almost impossible. 

Most, when it happens, want everyone to know it. Love must be expressed. It cannot be hidden. I gave it some thought. My first instinct was to climb to the top of City Hall on Main Street and shout it from the rooftop, literally. Given the legal complications of that, I decided to take what was ultimately the best route and write about it.

His name is Stan. Did I mention that? Pet names, if you are into that kind of thing, show affection for another. I call him Stan Lee or Stan the Man. Those are cute, and he seems to really like them. I never thought I’d be so smitten, but it has happened.

I hate to admit this, but he used to belong to my neighbor. He’s mine now and she’s not getting him back. The heart wants what the heart wants.

Hold it! Put the pen and paper down on that Letter to the Editor. I know what you’re thinking. Do not launch into the “thou shalt not covet” lecture just yet. Hear me out. 

Stan chose me. He would show up at my house and it was absolutely unprovoked and absolutely unwanted attention. Initially, I was happy when my neighbor stop by my house. Before leaving, she’d take him by the neck, lead him to the car, put him in, and drive off. I was happy to see him go. This was one relationship that I did not want. 

He was real sneaky. He would make his way back to my house a few days later. I can’t speak for the thoughts and actions of another, but I assume he would make a run for it when her back was turned or she left the door open. Shameful actions, actually. 

Regardless of his thoughts or the gradual process that it took to win me over, he is mine now. Without saying a word, his actions have spoken. It’s been about two months this round. If she comes hunting for him now, things might not go the way they have in the past. He’s won my heart. 

The other day, I went to get into my car and he attacked and held down a leaf that blew across the ground at me. He protected me. Then, he attacked a tree. Not sure what it did to deserve it, but OK. 

When I get home from work, he rushes to meet me. One evening, he ran up, wrapped both arms and both legs around my ankle and held on tight. He loves me and I love him. 

I’m looking into a microchip, collar and tags just in case my cat gets lost. 

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.