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Just a Thought - I will wear a facemask
Lisa Hobbs, new mugshot.jpg

If you’ve ever tried to find Waldo, it’s challenge time! 

The mask-wearing controversy seems to have triggered some people’s desire to finger point and tattle tale. I’ve discouraged this activity, because I feel it promotes discontent in the community and could lead to something worse, like verbal and physical altercations. My urging to monitor oneself and let others be, a much better alternative, has fallen on deaf ears.  

So, I’ve decided it’s best to follow the old adage, "If you can’t beat them, join them." Which means, if someone is too strong – as people’s desire to rat out the activities of others seems to be – it is better to be on the same side as them. 

Finding Lisa is the name of the challenge. For those who remember Where’s Waldo, that should be self-explanatory. However, unlike the unique appearance of Waldo, I want people to look with the intent of finding me in a grocery store, convenience center, restaurant or government meeting, etc., not wearing a facemask. 

I have been a strong advocate of social distancing. Social distancing works. If you can’t social distance, wear a mask. The problem lies in that people aren’t social distancing and they aren’t wearing facemasks – a recipe for disaster. Because of that, Coronavirus numbers continue to rise. 

We advocated social distancing and shut down the economy, which did not work. People weren’t social distancing. They went on stay-cation and enjoyed their time off work by socializing. Then, the economy opened and that was viewed as an all-clear sign.

So, now, the push is on for everyone to wear facemasks. The resistance has been overwhelming and comes with every excuse under the sun. I would hazard to guess that those people are the same ones that didn’t social distance and led to the need for facemasks. 

Just to see how the other half has been living, I wore a facemask when I went to Walmart on Tuesday, July 14. 

Since March, I’ve been limiting my trips into the store, going during times when there are less people, avoiding aisles with a lot of people in them, and quickly getting what I need and leaving. The whole situation has been stressful.

Tuesday’s experiment was slightly freeing. I didn’t have to worry about avoiding others, their close proximity or even pay attention to those silly little directional markers on the floor. I definitely didn’t have to rush in and out. It was pretty awesome. 

My challenge is for anyone to catch me without a facemask in a public place if they can. Put your cellphone to good use. 

Because Warren County Executive Jimmy Haley, Mayor Ben Newman and Aldermen Mike Neal, Steve Harvey, Everett Brock, Ryle Chastain, Kate Alsbrook and Rachel Kirby should be leading by example, I include them in this. 

Catch us, if you can. My email is at the end of this column.

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