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Just a Thought - I overcame the sickness
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Are you surviving Zombie apocalypse 2020? That’s what I’m calling the flu epidemic that gripped Warren County and gave everyone that appearance. 

Those not spared were bitten by a zombie-creating virus called influenza that seemed to spread by air, water, touch and the mere mention of it. 

While victims were left feeling like they were transforming into one of the undead, the living repeatedly questioned “Are you sick?” in a desperate effort to find healthy comrades or guard against those undergoing zombification. 

Yours truly fell victim. My symptoms hit on Friday, Jan. 31 with congestion and tightness in my lungs. 

Let me first provide apologizes to everyone I unwittingly infected while going about my normal routine that day. I was blissfully unaware of the storm brewing inside me. 

By early Saturday morning, I know what was happening. I took steps to protect myself and others. A necessary trip to the store to stockpile provisions – being single makes that a necessity – included a Kleenex over my mouth and verbal warnings to others that they should keep their distance. 

Saturday and Sunday were spent in severe pain wrapped in blankets. 

The pain in my muscles and joints lasted through Sunday evening. I’m going to be honest with you. It was at that point that I agreed to take a prescribed pain pill and muscle relaxer that were not prescribed to me. If you don’t know how much pain you can endure, bless you. My max, apparently, is two days. 

I also had cold chills and fever. When I coughed, my lungs felt like they were on fire. My throat soon joined in on the flame. 

I allowed myself to miss work Monday. That’s not a paper day. By Tuesday, I still did not feel like moving. However, I knew most of the Standard staff was also sick. It took me about two hours to get up, get dressed and go in, but I accomplished it. Most everyone was there. Those who could manage to work, did. Others did what they could before leaving. 

I made it through that day and three government meetings in the evening and returned Wednesday to try it again. Made it. By Thursday, I was feeling much better. Not 100 percent, but well on my way. Sadly, others were still struggling. 

Our dedication should be recognized with a pizza party once everyone is well. Each department pulled together and worked as a team. You couldn’t ask for more from a bunch of sickies. Yes, staying home when you’re sick to keep it from spreading is sound advice. If everyone here had done that though, there may not have been a Wednesday edition.

I poked a little fun at this bout of influenza by calling it a Zombie apocalypse due to most everyone walking around looking like zombies, but I do pray that everyone fared well. If you are still feeling the effects, hydration, hydration, hydration and rest. Take care of yourself. If you don’t, who will?

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.