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Just a Thought - Here's the real COVID problem
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Rant and rave is a sensation hard to resist. Ever felt that way? Well, it happened to me.

I came face-to-face with a person who doesn’t care about their own health, so they care even less about the health of people around them. When that well-being is mine, I take great offense. 

I have not been vaccinated against coronavirus. No denying that. It’s my body and my decision. Feel about that as you wish. I have no young children. I am not married. My grandparents and parents are deceased. If I had young children, a husband and cared for grandparents or parents, I would roll up a sleeve. 

Because I have decided against vaccination, I take extraordinary steps to protect myself and hence, those around me. I wear a facemask when social distancing isn’t possible. I spent four months rarely seeing my boyfriend when COVID numbers were high last year, and I’m back to isolating myself during the high numbers this year. 

No one is allowed in my area at work. I spray disinfectant twice a day in the bathroom at home, and I use disinfectant wipes at work. No one is allowed in my bedroom at home. 

Additionally, I do not go on vacations. Eating out at a restaurant is a rarity. No family get-togethers. I didn’t even celebrate my birthday in 2021. I’ve been to the movies once in two years and that was when numbers were extremely low. We went to the AMC Stones River 9 Theater in Murfreesboro where seats are reserved and everyone has more space. 

So far so good on my efforts to stay coronavirus free. While people around me have contracted it, I have not – she says as she knocks on wood with the hope that the efforts continue to be successful.  

I feel that I have taken more steps to protect myself than most. While some refuse to do anything to protect themselves, I’ve heard vaccinated people say, “I’ve been vaccinated, so I’m good. I’m not wearing a mask.” You can still get the variant and pass it onto others. 

One day last week, I needed a break from my cooking. I opted for China Wok. They removed their tables. People go in, get their food and leave. 

I felt that was a safer option for minimal human contact. One mask-less guy was waiting. I stayed as far away from him as the room would allow. His phone rang. Part of the one-sided conversation that I did hear was him saying, “I tested positive for COVID last week, but I feel fine.” 

I wanted to shout angrily and wildly at him for his recklessness, a literal rant and rave. Blame unvaccinated people all you want, but he’s the real problem.

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.