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Just a Thought - First boat ride a wave of fun
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My inaugural pontoon boat ride was a wave-breaking experience that contained a first for everyone involved.

We ran out of gas, a first for Bob. At that moment, we went from causing waves at 38 mph to being pushed by them and moving at a brisk 2 mph.

I actually thought he was joking when he said, “We’re out of gas.” 

Any funny, funny I might have felt vanished when my honey, honey added, “I’m not kidding” and the boat sputtered to a stop on Center Hill Lake in the area of Sligo Marina – not where we entered the water – and the boat turned into a buoy. 

I sat quietly as he attached a battery powered propeller to the front of the pontoon boat. It got us up to 1.6 mph, unless another boat passed us and its waves slowed our progress. They lowered the canopy on the boat and we sped up to a whopping 2.2 mph. Whoosh!!!!! 

The reason for my silence wasn’t astonishment or fear. I was doing the pee-pee dance in my head. I really needed to go and my bathroom break went from a couple minutes away to undetermined. It was estimated the dock “somewhere around the next bend, maybe” would take us 30-45 minutes to reach, unless the battery gave out. 

Yours truly and Bob were accompanied by his son Ryan, daughter Nickole and her husband Josh. 

As most of you know, I’ve been avoiding this day on the lake like the plague. With each passing weekend without it, I’ve breathed a sigh of relief. Time ran out on Sunday, Sept. 15.

Nickole and her husband were the first on the float. I watched as Bob did everything possible to throw them. He accomplished it. She accidently elbowed him in the face once. Her arm was bruised; his nose was bloody. 

Bob questioned, “Honey, are you going to try it?”

“I just watched a fight for survival.”

Bob stated, “I’ll take it easy. You get on and I’ll take us to a cove to swim.” 

We made it to the cove, which eerily reminded me of the line “because this is the cove he obviously lives in” from the movie Lake Placid. Not a helpful thought as I got into the water.

Bluntness time: I attempted to relieve myself, as I’m told is the custom and why I dreaded this outing. I couldn’t do it. It felt like sitting on a toilet seat and expecting it to bite you. 

As the boat was pulled out of the water hours later, Ryan and I made a mad dash to the bathroom. No exterior lights, so we couldn’t see the gender symbols. I went to the left. My restroom had a urinal in it. I should have known better, women are always right. 

My first boat ride was an adventure for everyone. We had fun, and I’m ready to go again. 

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.