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Just a Thought - Fan letter turns creepy
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Ladies, this is a must-read column. 

I came into work to find a letter addressed to me. Personal correspondences by mail are a rarity. No one goes to the trouble of writing, addressing and mailing letters anymore. They just shoot emails or text messages. Yet, here it was. 

At work, I receive notices of government meetings and the occasional thank you card. Once, I received a thank you card that actually turned out to be women criticizing me about the picture I used in the paper of her husband and comparing that to the beautiful picture of my daughter in the paper which wasn’t my daughter. 

At home, there's junk mail and a variety of reminders about what I owe money and to whom. I’d put a stop to those if I could, but I like the little luxuries in life like a home to live in, electricity and water. The bills associated with the joys of homeownership are never ending. 

I’m not in the habit of making libelous statements about people. To protect myself and maybe a guy who might be innocent (not), I’ll use his initials.

A.T., who used a P.O. Box in Crossville, wrote me a letter and started out by telling me he has read a recent column of mine entitled “My reason for mis-bee-having.” It was in relation to termination of yellow jackets at my house and getting painfully stung by one. 

He complimented my attractiveness. He wanted to know if I could use a friend. He said he’s not looking for a physical hookup and that most men are not capable of relating to a woman on an emotional level, but he is. He offered me a secret pen pal in which to voice my thoughts without judgement or rejection. He referred to himself as a caring and very compassionate man and a respectful gentleman.

The letter ended with, “I hope to hear from you soon! Until then, may God richly bless you and cause His face to shine upon you.” 

I did a search and found nothing. I contacted McMinnville Police Chief Bryan Denton. He contacted Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department in Crossville. A.T. wasn’t in any of the searches conducted by either department. It’s almost like he doesn’t exist. 

Also, United States Post Office provides no information regarding its P.O. Box renters unless it’s a criminal investigation. 

I’m not the only woman in Warren County who received a letter. A female realtor received one from the same guy. It was strikingly similar to the comments made in my letter. He complimented her appearance, asking her if she wanted a friend with no strings attached and described himself as a gentleman not looking for a hookup. 

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, a line from William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” 

I’m sure A.T. will read this rejection column. It’s not you, it’s me. Does anyone ever believe that breakup line? Of course, it’s you.

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.