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Just a Thought - Maybe alcohol not so healthy
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I was sent this information by Dr. Wally Bigbee. If there was ever a doctor to be trusted, he would be it. When he sends me something, I read it in its entirety.

The information stated that a major new study found that having even just one drink each day could shorten your life. A team of 120 scientists analyzed data from multiple studies, involving nearly 600,000 people from 19 different countries, and found the more people drink, the shorter their lifespan.

I wasn’t too shocked by that newsflash. To me, it’s common sense: the more alcohol you drink, the shorter your lifespan. Your body isn’t designed to process tons of alcohol. It’s evident by the way your body reacts to it. No scientist needed for that evaluation.

My father was a raging alcoholic. I think characterizing him as “raging” is fair in more than one aspect. He died when I was about 6 or 7 years old. My mother said he gave up drinking for one year because a doctor warned him and he went right back at it. One of the very few pictures I have depicts him with a jug of moonshine slung over his shoulder as he downs it. I have two vivid memories of him. Both involve alcohol and neither one is really fit for publication.

There’s a glimpse into my childhood, as sad as it was. My childhood is why I have a hard time allowing people to blame their upbringing for their current situation. Stop blaming them and take responsibility for yourself. I understand it’s easier to play the victim, but you won’t solve any problems by blaming others for your current situation. Take responsibility.

Back to the information.

The write-up went on to say that people who have an average of seven to 14 alcoholic drinks each week can expect to die about six months sooner, while those who have two to three drinks per day could be shaving up to two years off their lives.

That’s the part where my jaw dropped. Who in the world drinks two to three alcoholic beverages a day? Who would think that’s healthy? Sounds like excess to me. Anything to excess is probably not healthy. I thought we were talking about social drinking (the occasional drink), but maybe not. Moving on.

Then, we get the shot of reality. It goes on to say “that drinking alcohol is associated with stroke, aortic aneurysm, severe high blood pressure, heart failure, and an increased risk for breast cancer and cancers of the digestive system. These findings contradict federal guidelines, which assert that men can safely drink up to two alcoholic drinks per day and women can have up to one drink daily.”

Are these the same federal guidelines that gave us that ridiculous food pyramid that told us to eat 6-11 servings of bread, cereal, rice and pasta a day? Probably was. People need to question everything, including federal guidelines on what we eat and drink.

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