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Finding rock better than finding snake
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I found a rock!
That’s probably not as exciting as last weekend when I found a rather large snake in my yard. Unlike the snake which about gave me a heart attack trying to wrangle it into a bucket, I didn’t hesitate to pick up the rock. It was placed on a bench on Main Street. I found it Monday as I walked Main Street to get information on a movie being filmed there.
According to the card with it, the rock was front Tree City Church “The perfect place for people who aren’t.” I liked that saying, but I especially liked the rock. It’s purple, pink, and blue – reminds me of a tie dye shirt. It has three sides. On two sides it has “Hope” and “Faith.” The final side has “931 rock,” which I assume is a reference to our area code.
The rock is adorable. I really didn’t understand why church members painted it and why they left it on the bench. I did contemplate leaving it for someone else to find, but I really wanted it. When I got back to work, Margaret’s Style page was about “McMinnville Rocks,” the creative craze that’s sweeping the county.
Ironic coincident?
According to the write-up, the idea is to take a rock, any rock of any size, and paint a design of your choosing on it. Many contain inspirational messages. Some are simply painted nice colors, and some are tiny masterpieces. It all depends on the level of talent from the designer.
It says individuals and families are looking everywhere for these rocks, and I found one by accident. Sorry, folks, but you can’t have this one.
I agree that they can be masterpieces. I feel like this one is a work of art. I don’t know how long it took to create it, because it’s awesome.
While giving individuals an outlet for their creativity, the rocks are giving others a reason to get active by encouraging them to get out of the house in order to find the little treasures. I think the same thing was said about finding Pokémon. I never got into the Pokémon craze – walking around with my cellphone hunting creepy little creatures hiding everywhere. I think it was Seth who showed me his cellphone and on it there was a Pokémon hiding beside a desk that I was standing by. That’s just creepy.
Speaking of my snake, there has been some finger pointing in my direction that the snake I relocated from my yard was the same snake that made its way to the Great Falls substation and took out electricity to 3,900 Caney Fork Electric customers, mine included. I’m going to reject that idea, because I don’t want hate mail from 2,899 angry neighbors.
The rock sits on my desk as a prized possession. And, if jokesters are to be believed, my snake met a gruesome end being zapped by Caney Fork’s electrifying personality.
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