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Just A Thought 3-27
Better health a trip worth taking
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I’m so happy the city’s new outdoor fitness equipment has finally arrived. It was the longest wait of my life – not really, but what’s the harm in a little exaggeration.
The equipment will be placed behind the Civic Center and around the walking trail. It’s supposed to allow for a full-body workout as you walk around the trail and use the equipment. I do muscle toning at night so it will be nice to get a little muscle toning in as I walk around the trail when the weather is nice.
Now, for an update. I’ve lost 66 pounds. Weight loss isn’t my goal. It’s eating healthy and exercising. However, the weight loss seems to be the outward result everyone notices and they want to hear about.
It seems I’ve reached another plateau – I’ve had several that last two to three weeks to a couple of months. I guess plateau is what they call it when weight loss stops. I think of it more as my body adjusting as I go. It gets to a point and says “OK, do we need to lose anymore?” After an undetermined amount of time, I drop a few more pounds.
I do remember the first-time plateau I reached. I was somewhat worried because my healthy eating and exercising were sufficient enough for me to lose weight. Yet, I wasn’t. Because my focus has always been healthy eating and exercising, I decided it didn’t matter and I kept doing what I’m doing. The weight started coming off again. When it stopped again, I was a little less concerned. When it stopped a third time, I paid it little to no attention.
During the winter months, I tried to maintain walking three miles a day. At minimum 1.5 miles a day. With the nicer weather, I’ve been trying to take advantage of the days and increase my walking. Except for a rainy Thursday when I walked 2.5 miles, I’ve been getting in 4.5 to 5.5 miles. On Wednesday, I walked 5.5 miles. That was probably a bit much and I had a stern talk with myself about easing up.
One friend said I’m trying to wear out my new shoes as quickly as possible. That was funny. I’m not trying but it will happen. I’ve been through more shoes since I started walking than I can count.
I had a friend tell me I needed to ease up because every time he sees me, I’m walking. He said he’s beginning to wonder if I need gas money. He said, “The next time I see you walking I’m going to pull over and ask you if you need gas money.” I told him to do it but be prepared because I’m going to say yes. I’ll use the money to help buy new shoes or new clothes – items I always seem to need. 
Well, there’s my update on my healthy eating and exercising journey. Join me, because it’s a trip worth taking.
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