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Just A Thought 3-19
Health determined by what you eat
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I’ve been asked, “At what point after you started exercising did you start seeing results?”
She was curious as to when she would expect to start losing weight when she starts exercising. I informed her my weight loss didn’t happen until I started focusing on food. She wasn’t too happy to hear that.
Exercise is awesome. It can help control your weight, improve your mood and helps you sleep better, among other things. However, if you are obese or have struggled with your weight your entire life, exercise is probably not the root of your problem or the solution to it.
We’ve been bombarded with misinformation and the end result is a country full of people with high blood pressure, type two diabetes, obesity, etc. Even those of normal weight, have medical issues.
When I started my journey, I decided to focus on how my body reacts when I eat certain foods. I paid close attention to these areas: did I enjoy what I ate, how long was it before I felt hungry again, and how did I feel after – sluggish, fine, etc.? If I felt sluggish, that food was out. If I was hungry an hour later, that food was out. You get the idea.
I discovered that not all calories are created equal. For instance, I could eat an apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter (approximately 200 calories) and felt fine and satisfied for 2-3 hours. Yet, if I ate a Hershey bar with 214 calories, I felt miserable and still hungry. I want the most benefit from the calories I eat, because they can add up fast.
I’ve been urging other overweight people to focus on the food and educate themselves. That takes time. However, time is exactly why some people don’t. I’ve found an alternative.
Check out It’s a free weight loss planning calculator for women and men.
If you are trying to lose weight, the calculator will help you determine a daily caloric intake for your desired goal. However, I’m urging you to scroll down and read the information under the calculator. Then, watch the video “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” on the website. It’s a seminar by a medical doctor. He can, better than I, explain why certain foods are the problem and why we have become so sickly in America.
I did not see this video until recently. I had to discover these things for myself. I’m not a medical doctor. However, once I saw the video, it gave me medical insight as to why I gained weight and why I finally lost it. I was eating the wrong things. Now I’m avoiding the wrong foods and focusing on the right ones. My journey continues. Changing 45 years of bad eating habits is never easy but worth it.
Watch the video. It’s an education for anyone battling with weight, high blood pressure or diabetes. Warning: once your eyes are open to the truth, it’s difficult to shut them.
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