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I must confess I'm Bonnie Bear
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I’m about to out myself here. Prepare yourself mentally for the shock. I’m Mini Standard’s Bonnie Bear.
Yes, the person in the suit is yours truly. I’ve been Bonnie for the last few years. I really enjoy doing it. The kids get excited when they see me (Bonnie) walking down the hall or into their classroom. Bonnie likes to have fun and pull pranks. The children laugh when I sneak up on teachers, give bunny ears, etc.
On Thursday, Bonnie needed to be at Eastside Elementary School for a second-grade event celebrating Teddy Bears, which actually were named after Teddy Roosevelt. The children were all excited to see a big bear. Fun times. The children are always full of questions on what I like to eat, my favorite color, my favorite book, how old I am, do I hibernate in the winter, and if I’m a real bear. That last one is always funny.
FYI, I don’t hibernate in the winter. I love winter. The season I try to avoid is summer. I get hot really quick in that suit.
Margaret Hobbs, who generates the Mini Standard for the paper, takes care of me. She makes sure I’m in my outfit and I get where I need to be safely. Little known fact, I have minimal vision in that suit. I have zero peripheral vision – straight ahead is pretty much it.
My lack of vision is truly a hindrance. I can’t see steps. Margaret has to help me. I also can’t see children. If a child gets right in front of me, I’m tripping over them. I’ve had more than one close call in the past. Thankfully, I move slow and take half steps just for that reason. No harm was done.
Margaret is a must-have to protect me. Some of these children go a little nuts and some can get downright mean. I’ve been hit in the head more than once by a child who didn’t – but should have – known better.
Margaret has made occasional comments about my weight loss and how she needs to start padding Bonnie’s outfit. Well, I’m about 80 pounds lighter than when I started being Bonnie. Bonnie is supposed to be fluffy. I’m losing my fluff. On Thursday, she said she might have to add some cushion to my caboose. So funny.
I said, “I’d apologize, but I’m not sorry.” She said no apology is necessary and that I’ve done well in my effort.
I receive mixed reviews when I talk about my weight loss in my column. While some say they love it, wish I’d talk more about it and say I’ve inspired them, others wish I’d move onto talking about something else. Needless to say, the ones in the first category have struggled with their weight and category two people have not. Love it or hate it, I’ll probably talk about it when the mood strikes me.
See you during the Christmas parade Dec. 2 at 2:30 p.m.
Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.