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It was too loud, so I must be too old
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OK, you know you’re getting old when you voluntarily leave the loud front row of a rock concert to seek the relative serenity of the cheap seats where the music isn’t quite as hard on your aging ears.I found myself actually doing this Friday evening while I was at Ascend Amphitheatre covering our high school chorus performing on stage with the rock group Foreigner – one of my favorite groups growing up. I’d gotten the call to go the day before and pretty well jumped at it since I really like Foreigner and their warm up group, Cheap Trick, plus the chorus director had hooked me up with a photo pass.In the old days, meaning back in my teenage years and into my mid-20s, getting such a pass would have been the holy grail of rock n' roll. Seeing I wasn’t a rich kid, my views of the legends of rock came from deep in the grass seats at Starwood Amphitheatre or from the nose bleed section of Municipal Auditorium.