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I feel fabulous 36 pounds later
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Just when I think things can’t get any weirder in the newsroom at the Southern Standard, editor James Clark wants to publish how much every one of us weighs in Business Pulse because he says he has received more comments about my column in regard to my weight loss and Duane Sherrill’s column in regard to his weight gain than anything else in the paper.While I applaud James’ dedication to our readers, I have two reasons why that’s not a good idea: 1) it is nobody’s business how much I weigh, and 2) I will put an end to his pulse if he ever publishes my weight. I can’t stress this second reason enough.I think James was a little shocked the guys seemed to jump at the chance to let everyone know their weight, while the women wanted no part of it. Every woman he asked said “No!” and so did I. I don’t care who knows it.