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The Groove - Good people will shine their light
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We often take for granted many of the things we’re fortunate enough to have, such as a warm bed, a roof over our heads, hot food, cozy clothing and much more. I, myself, am guilty of forgetting the many blessings in my life. 

The weather’s officially fallen into freezing temperatures, resulting in many people needing warm clothing, jackets and blankets. There is a desperate need for these items within our community.

Can you imagine not having anywhere to sleep besides under a bridge or on the street during these bone-chilling nights? This is a reality some face. Although homelessness is not as prevalent in McMinnville as in Nashville, there are many more facing this devastating issue than we realize.

As seasons pass and new fashion trends occur, many want to drop off their old clothing at Goodwill or similar thrift stores. Although I enjoy finding vintage pieces at Goodwill, this donated and free clothing has a price tag, which isn’t actually helpful for those in real need.

Families in Crisis provides shelter and necessities to women and men who have been sexually, physically or emotionally abused and are trying to escape that toxicity. The organization covers Warren, Grundy and Sequatchie counties. 

A shelter is provided by Families in Crisis, which houses women and their children. The decision to leave an abusive situation takes a great deal of courage. These individuals shouldn’t suffer due to making the brave choice to leave a harmful situation for themselves and their children. Every single donated item makes a difference. Nothing is too small, and the fact you chose to spread that kindness affects not only them, but your own spirit for performing an act of good.

The headquarters for Families in Crisis is located at 101 West Main Street in the same building as Citizens Tri-County Bank. Items can be dropped off behind the location. 

During an interview with Ronnie Perry, who was giving out food for those in need even after a fire destroyed his longtime business on Sparta Street, I was asking those coming to get free food and beverages how they felt about Perry’s kindness. 

A man, who had just finished a nine-year prison sentence, said something which stuck with me. “It’s hard to find good people these days. We’re all supposed to work together and be one. It’s important for us to have unity, but many people forget that.”

Sadly, that’s often a true statement. However, there are good, kind people in this world. Ronnie Perry is a perfect example. If each of us did one kind act every day those actions would combine to impact the world in a beneficial way. 

Leave the world a better place than when you found it. I strive to achieve that goal. By the time I’m gone, I hope to have accomplished enough small acts of good to have impacted the world in a positive and beautiful way. That’s the legacy I’d like to leave behind.

Standard reporter Atlanta Northcutt can be reached at 473-2191.