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The Groove - 28 is going to be great
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I officially became a 28-year-old last Thursday, which seems surreal to me. At first, I didn’t feel too excited about getting older. I definitely didn’t enjoy the fact I’ll be 30 in two years. 

I even came up with a little rhyme expressing my feelings toward the matter: “I hate 28.” However, I’ve come to better terms with being one year older.

A few weeks before my birthday, I began to go ahead and say I was 28 so it wouldn’t be such a shock to my system once I actually had my birthday. I know that may seem silly to some people since I’m still relatively young, but I’ve never looked forward to aging.

As a woman, society puts a great deal of pressure on how to look and what’s beautiful or not. Women who are young, tall and skinny are often considered most attractive since the fashion industry, popular culture and different mediums have brainwashed us into believing so. I’ve always been fearful of wrinkles, gaining weight and all of the other possible side effects of aging.

Although I don’t exactly love the physical aspects of growing older, I’m thankful for the emotional and mental maturity I’ve developed with each new experience and passing day. I’m beginning to discover security in my own skin, a positive outlook on life and what actually matters to me.

When I turned 28, I set goals for myself I would like to achieve by my next birthday. A few of those include learning to play the guitar, not procrastinating, stop giving needless apologies and setting a higher level of expectations for myself. 

I began saying the upcoming year would be one of growth and progress. At first, it was to make myself feel better. Now, I believe it to be factual. I worked on my physical, mental and spiritual health last year which landed me at the threshold of 28 with a peaceful and content mindset.

This was one of the first birthdays since I was young where I actually felt serene. Twenty-seven was a year of gratitude, struggle, happiness, courage, learning, healing and forgiveness, especially toward myself. I put in the work to enter this new age with happiness and positivity. I’m learning to believe in myself once again, and I’ve gained the necessary willpower to achieve my goals. I feel as though anything is possible.

I think this year will be the best one yet. I’m grateful to have made it to 28, and I hope to remain on this earth for as long as I can. There are so many things I want to do, places I want to visit, sounds I want to hear and sights I want to see. I can’t wait to explore everything the world has to offer. 

I hope to continue to fulfill my dreams, love myself and others, perform kind acts, spread positivity and become the best version of myself. Twenty-eight is just the beginning. 

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