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GOP moderates have heartbeat
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LEBANON, N.H. -- Can you discern, deep in the new Republican Party -- amid the conservative warriors and tea-infused crusaders -- a faint moderate heartbeat?Hardly anyone is asking that question this month, in the wake of the Republican tsunami that swept Democrats out of office and swept a Republican majority into the Senate chamber. But two unrelated events this month make the question worth posing, if only to explore the possibility and to understand the political landscape here in the state that only 15 months from now will hold the first presidential primary.The first of those events took place in the western of New Hampshire's two congressional districts, where Marilinda Garcia, a Republican House challenger, failed to topple Democratic Rep. Annie McLane Kuster. Garcia, with such new-age GOP credentials as endorsements by the Club for Growth and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, pulled only 45 percent of the vote, which is actually a higher number than any poll reading she recorded this year.The second indicator is in the state's bookstores, where copies of Richard Norton Smith's "On His Own Terms," a magisterial biography of Nelson A. Rockefeller, are being stocked on the shelves.