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Fire Butch watch: Day 34
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Don't blame it on No Shave November. My scraggly beard has nothing to do with the time of year.
I've decided I'm not shaving until Butch Jones is fired. . . or until my boss tells me I have to.
It's time for Butch Jones to go. Not tomorrow. Not after the year. Now.
If that sounds familar, it's probably because I wrote it Oct. 8. Now 34 days later, I'm still waking up each day awaiting news Jones has been ousted from helming the Tennessee Volunteers.
Maybe, possibly, I'll have shaved before you even read this. At the time of writing - just before midnight Friday - the Vols had yet to take the field in Missouri. I fully expect Tennessee to get trounced by the Tigers.
There's little reason to hope Jones can turn around the group he affectionally calls Team 118. Then again, he set this team up to be a joke all year by branding Team 118 on a trash can before the season opener. Strangely enough, the win over Georgia Tech stands out as a bright spot.
The rest of the season has been a dumpster fire. It has hit all the checkpoints a coach needs to find themselves on the job market.
• Lose in the worst possible fashion In Tennessee terms, that's just another way of saying lose to Florida. This year's Hail Mary against the Gators, who has already fired their coach, may have been the worst yet.
• Get embarrassed by Alabama I think 45-7 is pretty embarrassing. If that wasn't enough, having the only highlight become a lowlight when Rashaan Gaulden gave Bama fans the double-bird salute should suffice.
• Set historical marks for futility Suffering the worst home loss in over 100 years (41-0 against Georgia) may have been the nadir of Jones' tenure. He's edging close to another: Tennessee is one of only two programs to never lose eight games in a season in college football history. He has to win at least one more game this season to avoid eight losses.
• Make Faithful fans stop caring This may be the strongest point. Fans have simply given up on the Vols turning the corner under Jones. There are kids graduating every year who don't even realize Tennessee has been, and should be, considered a great program. Seniors right now - like lifelong fan and five-star prospect Cade Mays, who decommited last week - only know UT as the school Peyton Manning, noted pizza salesman, attended.
So it's well past time Butch Jones is shown the door, and the possible $7 million that comes with it. Until then, I'll save my money and stay away from Knoxville. Eventually I'll have to buy razors again.