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Family Man 7-12
Beautiful lake has my golf ball
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It takes talent to lose 15 golf balls, hit seven bunkers and shoot well into the triple digits in one round of golf. I was able to accomplish this rare feat in my return to the links recently from a fairly long hiatus from the sport.Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been anywhere close to earning my tour card, even on my best day. I’ve tore up some miniature golf courses over the years, shooting some astounding numbers, but in the case of real golf, it’s not nearly as easy as they make it look on TV. The professionals launch the ball off the tee like it's shot out of a gun and then they shape their approach perfectly on the green, spinning it toward the hole as the fans give a polite golf clap.There was a time, probably about 10 years ago, when the guys and I would head out every Wednesday to play a round of golf.