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Pred tattoo could be in my future
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With the Stanley Cup Finals knotted at two games apiece as the best-of-seven championship series goes back to Pittsburgh on Thursday night, I’m watching with more than a passing interest in the outcome.
Sure, I’m a Nashville Predator fan. I actually had half-season tickets for the past five years up until this season (what a time to let them lapse). However, that is not my only rooting interest. There’s actually something a little more permanent at stake.
For years, as we were leaving the Predator games in downtown Nashville, we used to walk by this tattoo parlor off Broadway. Back then, the Predators were a so-so team so I used to comment that if the Predators ever won the Stanley Cup I would get a tattoo of a Predator somewhere on my body. I said that flippantly and never really thought anything about it … until now.
There’s a real possibility that my hand, or more likely my arm, shoulder or backside will be called to cash the check my mouth wrote several years ago. A promise is a promise and I repeated it enough that a lot of people heard it.
Now, my default was to suggest I get the tattoo on my backside where it would rarely be seen. However, a fellow Predator fan felt that would be disrespectful and a cop-out.
“Be a man,” he said this past week, flashing the tattoo on his forearm. “Get it on your arm where people can see it.”
He does have a point. If one is going to get a tat, what is the use of hiding it on your butt? However, I don’t have any tattoos yet and I noted that I’m thinking about running for office next year, wondering if people would be funny about a guy with a tat of a Predator with a Stanley Cup on his arm. This excuse was also shot down.
“I would hope that when you’re out on the campaign trail that you wouldn’t be asking for votes wearing a sleeveless shirt,” the friend said. “I don’t care how nice you think your arms are.”
So, aside from claiming a fear of needles, I had no excuses not to do the tattoo until the biggest Predator fan in Warren County, Seth Wright, suggested something a little less permanent. Specifically, shaving a Predator and Stanley Cup into the back of my head.
Frankly that sounded like a great idea until I got to thinking. See, you may not have noticed but I have a small, well, it’s kind of a medium, um, actually it’s a big old bald spot on the top of my head. In my defense it was caused by a horrible weightlifting accident years ago.
“No problem,” he said when I pointed to the bald spot. “We can use the bald spot for the cup.”
“But it’s a big bald spot,” I protested.
“It’s a big cup,” he replied.
So, there you have it. Decisions have to be made – shaved Predator in my scalp or tattoo. Trust me. I’m watching the Cup finals with more than a passing interest.
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