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Calamity strikes when I'm gone
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It’s going to get where I’m afraid to leave town anymore if the tradition of calamity in my absence continues.
I wouldn’t bring it up if it weren’t becoming obvious that my leaving town for an extended period for things like vacations or conventions brings about disaster in the Nursery Capital. This past time, when I left for my cruise a couple of weeks ago, there was a sudden storm that ripped off roofs and left trees on houses.
Unlike my last cruise, when I went totally off the grid for five days, I splurged and paid $5 a day for partial internet so I could send pictures on Facebook of my vacation. Granted, I warn readers not to post pictures when they are out of town to alert burglars, but in this case half my family was at home so I was allowed to break that rule. Anyway, no sooner had a posted my first pictures from the ship than I started seeing pictures from McMinnville where the wind storm had blown through.
And, that wasn’t all. Before I could even get out of New Orleans on my way back, I got a call from an officer telling me about a couple of bad wrecks.
“Something happens every time you leave town,” my mom stated the obvious from the backseat after I revealed what had happened.
I had actually discussed that before I left, warning my fellow staffers that if history was any indication, they would be busy while I was out of town.
“You better keep the scanner going,” I told editor James Clark who usually covers for me while I’m on vacation. “You know what happens if I leave town for a few minutes.”
“Nah,” he brushed it off. “Nothing will happen … this time.”
I think any skepticism was quashed during this last vacation, especially when you take into consideration my track history. During my last cruise there were wrecks and fires, my last convention, wrecks and a homicide.
My last trip to Daytona I had just hit the city limits there when I got a call that there had been a murder here. It’s like it all busts loose when I leave.
Of course, you could look at this a couple of ways. It’s good job security since the rest of the staff is having to hustle to keep up with calamity coverage, making me look like the employee of the year. And, it also means I don’t have to bust my rear having to cover all that stuff. I’m making myself scarce when all the work is coming due, relaxing on a cruise ship while folks back here are stepping into puddles to cover storm damage.
While many of you likely don’t believe in bad mojo like I set off when I leave town, I’ll go ahead and give you a heads up if you want to get clear of Warren County.
I’m going to convention in Florida this July and I’m eyeing another cruise late this year, maybe around Christmas. You may want to go ahead and stock your storm shelters.
Standard reporter Duane Sherrill can be reached at 473-2191.