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Fair Game - Keep predators out of office
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Philip Fairbanks

The recent arrest of College Park, Maryland Mayor Patrick Wojahn on 40 counts of possession of child sexual exploitation material (CSAM) and 16 counts of distribution came as a shock to many. This is just one of many cases in the last two years though, even if we are just looking at municipal executives. Phil Briggs, mayor of Spencerville, Ohio was arrested for recording his girlfriend’s teenage daughters while they undressed. Ted Tomaszewski former mayor of Mansfield Township, New Jersey was charged with luring and child endangerment related to multiple sex acts with a minor child and on and on. The list of mayors convicted of child sex crimes since 2021 is already over a dozen. 

I have written for years about similar cases involving people in positions of power abusing children with near impunity. Jeffrey Epstein was just one example of a human trafficker using his connections to escape justice for decades. Many of the names in Epstein’s black book and flight logs are politicians and other powerbrokers. Even if you weren’t concerned about the impact on children, this is a clear and present danger to national security as well. 

I’ve also been covering the corruption in Union County, New Jersey related to the Kai the Hitchhiker case (subject of Netflix’s hit documentary “Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker”) for years and, sure enough, predators in positions of power in the judiciary loom large in Union County and New Jersey where a disturbing New Jersey Supreme Court precedent ensures lawyers accused of child sex crimes can still practice. Many of the lawyers protected were never written about in local or state papers and are still serving not only as lawyers, but as assembly members, prosecutors, District Attorneys and more. Thankfully, a cursory review of the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility shows that sexual predators are not given free rein to continue practicing law, but that doesn’t mean that our state is immune to harboring those who would harm children. Christopher Matthew Stephenson, former Tennessee Human Rights Commission officer, was charged with sexual exploitation of a child. Tennessee State Rep. David Byrd was recorded apologizing to one of the minors he was accused of molesting and the online search results for the words “Tennessee minister arrested child” are jaw-dropping. 

Caleb McGillivary, better known as Kai the Hitchhiker, has proposed a petition that would screen sex predators out from holding government office at the local and state level. 

The petition would require Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI)/Security Clearance Investigation (SCI) and the Guilty Knowledge Test (GKT) psychophysiological questioning technique. These tests are already standard for certain jobs that require Top Secret, SCI and other high-security clearance. This would hopefully cut down on the number of predators involved in government at the local and state level by applying the same sort of protocols required in sensitive positions. If you’d like to help, you can sign and share the petition at 

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