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Everlasting Joy 12-21
Titans pull off rare feat
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Titans Radio provided an interesting statistic following Sunday’s monumental win in Kansas City.
It was said the Titans are the first team since 1991 to win a game on the road in temperatures lower than 30 degrees after falling behind 14-0. That amounts to 45 games, the radio listening audience was told.
I’m not exactly sure who would ever think of keeping up with such a stat. It would be like saying the Titans are 3-0 in games where QB Marcus Mariota completes at least four passes longer than 18 yards and the temperature is at least 67 degrees. That’s a fictitious stat, although it might not be long before someone, somewhere keeps up with this bit of information.
As for our Tennessee Titans, the only stat that really matters is two, as in two more wins. If the Titans win their last two games, they win the AFC South and get to have a home playoff game in Nashville.
There’s a far-reaching scenario where the Titans (8-6) could lose one of their last two games and still make the playoffs as a wildcard team, but that would require the Dolphins and Ravens to lose their last two games and the Broncos, Bills and Colts to fare no better than 1-1, among other things. It gets a little complicated.
Regardless of what transpires these last two weeks of the NFL season, the Titans appear to be a team clearly pointed to the sky. They have gone from a 3-13 laughingstock to a legitimate playoff contender, having beaten quality teams such as the Packers, Broncos, Lions and Dolphins.
Coach Mike Mularkey, an unpopular offseason hire among many fans eager for change, deserves consideration as Coach of the Year for his job in turning around this long-struggling franchise.
I say Coach of the Year will come down to either Mularkey or Raider coach Jack Del Rio.
As for other NFL individual honors, here are my picks.
MVP – Ezekiel Elliot. The Cowboys RB has been the most consistent player on arguably the league’s most consistent team. He is a hard man to tackle and should buck the trend of giving this honor to the best QB.
Offensive Player of the Year – Tom Brady. There has been a late push to give this award to Aaron Rodgers, but his recent success can’t overshadow poor play for the entire first half of the season. It’s Brady who is the league’s most elite QB.
Defensive Player of the Year – Eric Berry. If you overcome cancer to return as one of the league’s premier playmakers, you get my vote.
Comeback Player of the Year – Steve Smith Sr. There are few NFL players who have ever displayed more intensity.