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Editorial: Thank you WC Fair volunteers
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Whew, what a week! The whirlwind of activity known as the Warren County A&L Fair has come to an end.The rides have stopped, pageant winners have been crowned, and blue ribbons have been awarded. The fair is a once-a-year spectacle that packs hundreds of events into nine days of organized excitement.One of the key words in that last statement is "organized" and the Standard can't say enough about all the effort and attention to detail that goes into ensuring our fair is one of the best in the state.The gates may open and crowds may flock to the grandstand and fill the midway, but it's nearly a year-round effort to keep the grounds maintained and plan for all the events.All of this is accomplished on a volunteer basis, starting with fair president Kenneth Medlen and extending all the way down to the parents in the 4-H booth frying funnel cakes.