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Editorial: Pioneers deserve our support
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You could call this preaching to the choir because Warren County residents are known for supporting their sports teams, along with just about every worthy cause that comes down the pike.But the Warren County High School football team plays its first game tonight at Nunley Stadium and the Pioneers deserve an outpouring of community support.This has never been a challenge in the past as Pioneer fans have always been great about packing into the stands at Nunley Stadium, with many spilling onto the hill and around the upper bowl. Children can usually be spotted running up and down the hill, sometimes playing a game of two-hand touch with a tiny football snatched up after it was tossed into the stands by a cheerleader.The Pioneer Pride Marching Band provides the halftime spectacle, along with in-game bursts of musical accompaniment, while the cheerleaders and Pioneerettes dazzle on the sideline.These are just a few of the scenes which combine to make Warren County High School football games such a festive occasion. It's more than just a game.