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Business Pulse: 9-14-14
MPC - Chris Dunn
Miniature Precision Components plant manager Chris Dunn says the company has room to add five more production lines at its Morrison facility. The company has 68 employees and works 24-hour days Monday thru Friday.
The claims there are no jobs anywhere to be found are finally beginning to subside as I think everyone realizes there are plenty of jobs available for folks who are willing to work.The claims of no jobs have been replaced by complaints from area managers who say they can’t find quality employees for the jobs they do have available. I hear stories of folks getting hired and working a day and a half before walking off the job.I guess we can never be content. There are either never enough jobs, or never enough quality employees.It’s with that in mind I want to tell you about a regional job fair this Thursday, Sept. 18, in Woodbury.