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Business Pulse: 8/4/13
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You have heard the old adage, when the cat is away, the mice will play. Well, editorial’s main cat, AKA James Clark, was away this week but unfortunately, instead of playing, we mice had to work. One certain big cat did not leave a Business Pulse section, so this week, yours truly, or Minnie, if you prefer mice names, will be bringing you the business goings on in Warren County.

Get your pose on,
OM Yoga opening soon

If you have ever wanted to put your body in crazy contortions and chant, “Om, om,” well you are in luck! OM Yoga Studio will be opening downtown Friday, August 16, at 213 East Main Street.
Owner Kerry Goff said, “When I was younger, I was a gymnast and dancer. But, I couldn’t do back handsprings in my backyard without my kids laughing at me. I felt stuck. Living in Memphis, I would visit a certain coffee shop and people coming from yoga class always looked so happy. I took a class and loved it. At some point, I got interested in teacher training. After we moved here to be closer to family, I had been complaining because there was not a yoga studio in town. Doors started closing. I was teaching at various colleges but couldn’t get tenure. But, another door opened, and I took it,” said Goff.
OM Yoga will offer classes for seniors, kids, parents with infants and toddlers, families and “round bodies”. Classes will focus on Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Sivananda, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and "restorative" yoga styles. The studio will also offer an eight-week yoga series on special topics including “Yoga for the Dancer,” “Yoga for Sports” and “Yoga for Depression.”
“We are trying to hit all age groups, body types, young and old, male and female. We will have beginner and intermediate level classes,” said Goff.
The studio will be open seven days a week, from 6 a.m. until 9:30 p.m.
“We will always have class for somebody any time of the day,” said Goff. Goff said she presently has two certified instructors and two more are in training.
A variety of classes and packages to meet anyone’s budget are available. Discounts are also being offered at this time. Standard drop-in classes are $12 and community classes are $6. Many pass packages are available at reduced rates. Prices drop considerably with the various membership packages available.
My co-workers Brittany Nunley and Margaret Hobbs were eager to see how limber they were and did some poses with Goff. Brittany is considerably limber and seeing Margaret stand on her head was very impressive. They worked up a sweat doing all that stretching and contorting. I’m not sure why they were so sweaty, I did have a drop of sweat on me and I was the one taking all those pictures.
For a complete package price list or for more information about OM Yoga Studio, visit
New bar opening downtown, a juice
bar that is

When I heard a new bar was opening downtown, I admit I was not happy. But, when I found out the bar was a juice bar, I was intrigued.
If you are a fan of juice and you have been wondering where you can locate fresh juice, then look no further. Mary Beth Laxson and Shannon Watson Adcock, along with Shannon’s brother, Jeff Watson (yes, that Jeff Watson - the king of Warren County Middle School) have started Juicy’s which should be opening within six to eight weeks in the old Grizzell’s Jewelry building located at 110 East Main Street.
Juicy’s already has a huge following at the local Farmer’s Market where people wait in line to purchase concoctions with tantalizing titles like Orange You Glad to See Me, Hot to Trot, Beauty and the Beach, Sunset Kiss, Purple Passion and Woo Hoo! Juice.
Drinks over ice are $3 each. Drinks with no ice are $5 each.
Laxson raves about the benefits of juicing.
“With juicing, nutrients immediately enter the bloodstream. You will notice a big difference in how you feel immediately. You will have more energy. People have asked us if we put caffeine in our juice. We do not. Everything is all natural and you can watch us as we make your juice. We are trying to buy local produce. Anyone who wants to sell us local produce is welcome to contact me,” Laxson said.
Laxson has certification in Holisitic and Alternative Nutrition Counseling. “I can provide a personal 911 session to anyone who would like counseling on health and nutrition,” she said.
Laxson said, “I started juicing by myself. I saw how it benefited patients getting ready for surgery and patients who were undergoing chemo treatments, both before and after their chemo. It helps to heal the body. I had my own personal experience with cancer. My cancer is in reverse. I don’t like the word remission.”
Patrons are encouraged to invent their own drink using three or four kinds of produce. “We will also juice produce people have purchased at the Farmer’s Market themselves for just $1,” said Laxson.
Once Juicy’s moves into their permanent building, they will offer healthy lunches including wraps, salads, and  lasagna made with sweet potatoes and spinach. Delivery will also be available.
Laxson said workshops will be offered once the store is open including “How to get started in juicing” and “How to pack a healthy lunch for your child.”
I’m excited for these new businesses that are  helping to revitalize downtown and the  population of Warren County. McMinnville is becoming more metropolitan every day.
 For more information visit Juicy’s on Facebook or email MaryLaxson48

Lush Salon and Spa
a place to be

Let’s leave downtown for a bit and head toward Rock Island. This time it was my time to be pampered by Lush Salon and Spa owner Misti Reynolds and nail tech Joyce Owen.
Lush Salon and Spa has opened in the old Jackson Kayak building at 896 Rock Island Road. A grand opening is planned for Labor Day weekend.
Reynolds said she has lived on either side of Rock Island for several years. “We relocated to Rock Island because my husband is a park ranger at the state park. Every time I passed this place, it pulled at me. I love the location. In my mind, that little block building would make a good place for a salon and spa,” said Reynolds.
That little block building is now a large log cabin. The building has undergone a transformation that has taken almost a year to complete. The result definitely has a spa like feel with rooms for massages, pedicures and manicures and spray tans.
Explaining how she came up with the name “Lush,” Reynolds said, “I wanted a one word salon name with a big meaning. I was praying about it and thought of Lush. I looked up the meaning and it means to satisfy, to gratify, more than enough and prosperous. It was everything I want the salon to have and be for our clients.”
Reynolds said she has done hair for over 14 years. She previously owned a salon in White County and worked at a salon in Putnam County.
Reynolds offers Redken and Pureology products for both men and women. In addition to being able to do almost anything pertaining to hair such as cutting, coloring and foils, Reynolds is Norvell Spray Tanning certified. She also applies spray makeup using M.A.C. products.
Owen uses Morgan Taylor nail polish. “It is a newer product that is giving OPI a run for their money. I have over 50 different gorgeous colors,” Owen said.
Among the services Owen offers are manicures, pedicures, detox soaks, shellac and acrylic nails.
Reynolds is actively searching for a licensed masseuse and a licensed esthetician.
Both women are available to make all members of wedding parties look gorgeous and camera ready by styling hair, applying makeup and doing nails for the big day.
The salon is offering Back to School special until August 16. Manicures are $15 and pedicures are $25 for all ages.
Boys haircuts are $10, boys cuts with style and blow dry are $12 and girls cuts with style and blow dry are $14. The Back to School prices for haircuts are offered for ages up to age 18.
Lush’s hours of business are Tuesday through Saturday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Walk-ins are welcome or to set up an appointment call 686-7777.

That’s all folks

Until James returns, Brittany, Lisa, Margaret and I will put our feet up, drink some juice, try out new yoga poses, have our nails done and relax. Duane, Jeffery and Seth will wait on us hand and foot ... oh wait, I think I was dreaming there for a minute ... I don’t think the guys will wait hand and foot on us. We need to include them in our mission to relax and take it easy. I’m sure Duane will try the yoga poses Margaret and Brittany learned. Ah, the fun mice have when the big cat in editorial is away!