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Business Pulse: 6/16/13
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Paul McCartney was awesome. In a Friday night show that carried Bonnaroo to a new level, McCartney rocked the field with a 38-song, two-and-a-half-hour set.
As a lifelong McCartney fan who grew up listening to my parents’ Beatles albums, the concert was special. McCartney told the story of performing in Russia at Red Square and getting approached by the Russian defense minister.
McCartney said he was extremely nervous, then the defense minister said, “The first album I ever bought was ‘Love Me Do.’”
I guess everyone was a Beatles fan.
McCartney showed why he is a music legend and a great live performer. Toward the end of the show, he threw in “Helter Skelter,” the song that became an anthem for garage bands everywhere.
It must be nice to be McCartney and be able to reach into a bag of tricks that includes “Band on the Run,” “Lady Madonna,” “Hey Jude,” and “Live and Let Die.”
I loved the two songs from the “Sergeant Peppers” album he played, “Lovely Rita” and “For the Benefit of Mr. Kite.” There’s a reason McCartney is regarded as one of the greatest in the music industry. He showed it Friday night.

Project Shine
is already here

For months, I’ve been talking about how promising it looks for Project Shine and the likelihood that company will locate in Warren County.
As it turns out, the company has already started operating here at the old Carrier building. Our members on the Industrial Development Board have kept this quiet and managed to pull the wool over my eyes so to speak.
Well I say fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I’m really going to have to start watching these guys on the Industrial Development Board because they are sneaky.
As for Project Shine, from what I can determine it’s a Japanese company named Sansin. Its name is already on a sign outside the old Carrier building along with three other businesses. Sansin manufactures parts for the automotive industry, although I don’t have more specific information than that.
Based on previous stories I wrote about Project Shine, initial employment is expected to be about 30 workers. I’m not sure when Sansin plans to start hiring, or how an eager person would go about getting a job there. I realize I’m not exactly being Mr. Helpful with this report.
But I thought it’s noteworthy to point out Warren County has recruited another industry to locate inside our borders. Perhaps there will be some grand announcement about this at a later date. I think it’s worth trumpeting and patting ourselves on the back.

More news
from IDB

Director of economic development George Burke tells me Warren County is receiving consideration for Project Pace, a large data center. This is because Warren County has two TVA-approved data center sites.
Approved data center sites are those capable of handling a much heavier load when it comes to utilities. Since data centers are filled with computers, they require a high level of electricity and fiber optics.
There are two approved data sites in McMinnville: 1) the large, level field on the bypass next to Supreme Building Products; 2) the large field off Bybee Branch Road near the city limits sign.
George tells me Project Pace is interested in the data site off Bybee Branch Road because it’s been classified as a mega data site.
“They need a lot of acreage, probably 100 to 200 acres,” said George. “It would be close to 1,000 jobs.”
Before you get too excited, Warren County is competing with around 25 other mega data sites across the state.
In other IDB news, Burke submitted a report to the Warren County Commission that indicates two companies are actively looking at Spec Building 3, which is expected to be complete in July.
Project Green Speed, a company looking to employ about 300, is one of those companies. Project Red Bird, a company looking to employ about 400, is the other.

Yamato back in
the saddle again

Yamato has reopened with a new owner and a new attitude.
Allen Yang is taking over the restaurant formerly run by his brother at Plaza Shopping Center. Allen says he learned much wisdom in watching his brother operate Yamato and is improving on the concept.
“We wanted a very slow opening,” said Allen, who opened Monday. “I wanted the waitresses to get used to the menu and the computer system, and I want the customers to be satisfied.”
When his brother owned Yamato, there were few complaints about the food. It was very well received. Some people even called it delicious. However, the service was another story, some might say a horror story, as some customers encountered long waits.
“If a customer has to wait an hour at a restaurant, they are never coming back,” said Allen.
In remodeling the dining room, Allen took away some of the tables. There are now 14 tables with 52 seats. Allen says this will allow his cooks to better serve customers with freshly made food. It also gives the restaurant more of a cozy feel.
Much of the menu remains from the old Yamato, although Allen has added a number of Asian items that are different from traditional Japanese fare. Sushi rolls remain as a menu staple.
Allen suggests teriyaki chicken, steak or shrimp as items to try. He says chicken lettuce wraps are a great appetizer, and Asian style hot fish is a tasty dinner choice.
Yamato is open seven days a week beginning at 11 a.m. each day. The restaurant can be reached at 507-8777.

Photo veteran
opens studio

Jackie Copley-Polson certainly has experience when it comes to photography. She spent 17 years in the business and worked her way up the corporate ladder at CPI, the company which operated Picture Me inside Walmart. At one point, Jackie was district manager of Picture Me and was over 24 stores.
But as some of you may remember, CPI closed all of its Picture Me stores in North America about three months ago. Fortunately, Jackie wasn’t with the company at the time, but she seized the opportunity.
“When Picture Me closed at Walmart, I knew it was time to open this,” she said.
Jackie has opened Jackie’s All Occasions Photography. She is available for pictures inside her studio on S. High Street, or you can give her a call to shoot on location. She’s available for weddings, reunions and other special occasions.
“I’ve lost touch with so many of my old customers, I want them to know I’m here,” said Jackie. “I strive for 100 percent satisfaction.”
She works great with kids and stays busy taking a bunch of newborn photos. She has all the props necessary to make the photo shoot memorable from a race car to an old-fashioned wash tub. There are hats, wigs, stuffed animals, and various other fashions.
“I always offer a free 8x10 picture for anyone who comes in to try me,” said Jackie. “I’m also extending my Fathers Day special for one more week past Fathers Day.”
Jackie just finished a neat Fathers Day promotion where she encouraged people to submit photos of a father and child together. The best non-professionally made photo would win a $50 gift package to her studio.
Jackie’s All Occasions is located inside the Suites on High. If you recall, Deborah Goode once operated a very successful studio from that same building. That was around a decade ago.
Jackie’s regular office hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday thru Saturday, although she says it’s probably best to call before stopping by as she might be out shooting on location. The phone number is (931) 743-6694.

That’s all folks

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