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Business Pulse: 6-22-14
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If it seems like there’s a charity 5K run every weekend in Warren County, there’s a Seattle resident who knows the feeling. A 28-year-old woman whose sleep was interrupted by a cancer charity run outside her Seattle apartment has been charged with pelting supporters with trash, used cat litter and frozen chicken.Court papers say Amy Lee tossed a bag of trash out her fifth-floor window onto supporters cheering for runners in a Susan G. Komen Foundation Race for the Cure. Lee then reportedly followed the trash with a load of kitty litter full of feces, and a large piece of frozen chicken.While this may have seemed like the appropriate action at the time, the editors of Business Pulse remind you it’s never cool to throw cat feces at bystanders.As for other odd, strange and curious news, I want to call your attention to the worst attempt to smuggle drugs into a prison.