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Business Pulse: 11-16-14
Wrack Wrap people
Steve and Mary Lake have opened Wrack Wrap at 821 Pike Hill Road. The business specializes in industrial sewing and heat welding of vinyl and leather products. Steve is skilled at design and can do custom work. The phone number is 815-7047.
I was surfing the Internet for news Thursday night when I discovered a neat story from London where the world’s tallest man, at 8-foot-3, had an arranged meeting with the world’s shortest man, at 1-foot-9. The two men, despite their vast differences, admitted they have endured similar struggles in life because of their freakish size.The two were meeting as part of Guinness World Records Day, which has been recognized the past 10 years. It got me thinking about other world records and how bizarre some of these records have become.Probably one of the most amazing is the one held by Australian Bill Lyndon who threw a washing machine 11 feet, 3 inches to set a world record.