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This and That - Stuff for a good cause

Comedian George Carlin had a routine where he discussed stuff and is quoted as saying, “A house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff.”

Spring cleaning is a yearly chore to tidy things up and get organized. The stay-at-home orders have created an opportunity to do more than skim the surface and dig deeper. The ultra-deep clean is where you go toward the areas you’ve avoided. You finally tackle them with the purpose to get rid of it or create a tidier section. 

I did the ultra-clean last year and for months beforehand preparing to move back here from Knoxville where I lived for almost 30 years. I accumulated lots of stuff for sure. I can be overly sentimental about items. They range from my purchasing them, given to me as gifts, or passed down from family. The group that was culled was what I had purchased. Did it serve a purpose? Do I need it and what is the benefit to keeping it? This criteria made the decisions easier so that I could lighten my load. 

Fast forward to now and my stuff is finally out of storage. I thought I had done an excellent job of thinning the herd only to see it all unloaded in front of me. It has been like Christmas on steroids reopening the totes and boxes. I now know I could have done better. 

I had an idea. What if there was a shop here locally that could benefit a need? I know that’s the model of most thrift stores, but maybe this one could help the animals in the community? I’m a softie to the extreme when it comes to animals. I know there are great strides in finding homes for animals here. However, I have stopped more times in the last six months compared to the entire time I was away to helping a lost or hungry animal. 

For all the responsible pet owners out there, others are not. Spaying and neutering is essential to keeping the pet population down. So, perhaps a shop where items are donated and the money goes back into the community could help? There could be opportunities to offer vet services and have a foster program as well. The money raised could also help other rescuers who are working hard already to make a difference. We have too much stuff and more can be done with helping those animals that need it. Two issues with a solution.

I realize there is so much to creating something like this but thinking about it is a start. Folks will donate their time and energy toward many causes. There are so many animal lovers who might also donate their stuff too. 

The truth is we all have so much that every thrift store will always be stocked. Why not help those creatures who can’t help themselves as well? 

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