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This and That - House cleaning for family the worst

Finally things have settled down enough for me to have my first visitors from East Tennessee to see me and my new home. I haven’t seen these dear friends since November. I started this position, winter came, and then the self-isolating began.

I’m eager to catch up in person and accept their offer to help me move what’s left for me to consolidate into the house. They tested negative recently for the coronavirus and I have time off. All systems are a go. Now the preparation for guests is in full swing.

Do you have different types of cleaning? By that I mean there are certain people and occasions that change what you normally do with your household chores. 

Luckily, Emily and Bob have seen it all since they helped move me last year with their handy dandy, white "Silence of the Lambs" utility van. They have witnessed the before, the during and now here is their time for the after. They are worthy of a tidy home cleaning and extra special touches. They are not critical and only care to spend time with their friend.

Every Saturday growing up involved a specific household chore. Dusting, vacuuming or whatever needed to be done was expected. I hated that it delayed something more fun, but that was the deal. I grew up knowing what needed to be done and I did it. 

On my own in my first apartment with my dear junior high school friend we did great downstairs. To be honest, she kept things neat all over. My downfall was my bedroom where clothes may or may not be hung up and laundry would at times be overwhelming. At least it was mostly contained behind the closet doors.

When friends came by a simple straightening up was all that was necessary. Things got more serious when the parents came up for a visit. This was not a drill. Scrubbing, organizing and assurances we weren’t grubby was required. I would call this level two cleaning out of three. This continues to this day.

Level three cleaning came about when I was married and my former mother-in-law or his family came to visit. They lived in West Tennessee so the visits were infrequent, so everything had to be perfect. This is also called base board cleaning. Details that could pass a white glove test were furiously cleaned, pine or lemon scented to death and if time ran out items were tucked far away to be discovered at a later time. The outcome would be a finely tuned home with everything in its place and the dreaded judgement was avoided.

I feel I must back up and say that our home wasn’t a sty, just lived in like normal busy folks. I just wanted to please his family.  

I’ve got this keeping a house thing under control. I am just grateful that this isn’t a level three base board visit. They know there will be unfinished painted walls, some weeds outside and items not unpacked, but I have yummy groceries and plenty of toilet paper!

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