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This and That - Don't be a fool; this is no joke

Today is the first day of April and thus April Fools Day. Unfortunately the tone is serious because the coronavirus needs to be taken seriously.

Too many people are still out and about doing what they normally do. I haven’t been out much at all because I am taking this pandemic seriously. I’m stocked up on essentials and I have put off getting out to buy anything extra. I am working from home and going out only when necessary to get some photos. 

It’s important for us all to be aware of what we are or aren’t doing to stop the spreading of this dangerous virus. Recently when I was out getting photos, I was struck by how many people were out and keeping their distance from others. I also noticed how some were not as aware or perhaps didn’t care.

I can’t speak on how people are acting at mega or grocery stores since I haven’t been to either for some time. I have heard about crowds waiting for places to open and how lines can be long. This bothers me because nothing is worth catching or spreading this if it can wait. I realize medicines are needed and supplies need to be replenished, otherwise stay home. Make do with what you have.

We all need to buckle down and be responsible for not only ourselves but for each other. Really think about how that one trip out in public can contaminate your family, your co-workers and your community. Some outings are unavoidable and you should take precautions with washing your hands with soap and water or using sanitizers as well as keeping your distance from others. Don’t get comfortable with the number of positive cases in our area. As I was told not long ago, “The virus doesn’t care about county lines.” 

I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer about COVID-19. There is so much news about it 24/7 and yet it hasn’t sunk in that this is a pandemic. This isn’t good and we need to wake up. Now not everyone is flippant or defiant about the guidelines and restrictions, however we all need to be on the same page. ALL of us.

I want to point out that many people are still going to work through this unchartered event and risking so much by helping us out. Healthcare professionals, clerks and stockers, law enforcement, bank employees, truck drivers, cooks, community volunteers and so many more are out there making sure we are taken care of one way or another. Thank you for all you have done and are doing. 

We all need to focus on the importance of our role. Stay home if you can. Keep your distance from others. Clean and sanitize yourself and your surroundings. How we act and what we do now will predict how long this can last. We can get through this if we don’t act like fools.

Standard reporter Jennifer Woods can be reached at 473-2191.