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Afterthoughts - Is ironing a thing of the past?

As I stood in my utility room ironing recently, I wondered … does anyone else still iron their clothes? 

I didn’t get a quick answer to my ponder, but I also thought about why I still iron my family's clothes on a regular basis. 

When I recently redesigned my utility room, I made sure there was a place for my ironing board and enough room to set it up for use. I come from a long line of people who iron, but, guess what, that has stopped with me!

My three daughters do not iron anything unless it is wrinkled beyond recognition, or they need to look freshly pressed for church. I’m happy to report my son-in-laws can plug in the iron and come to the rescue if needed. In fact, I think one of them does it on a regular basis.

I’m not so sure I would iron if I had to heat up the old, heavy flatiron as our ancestors did. The first electric iron was invented by Henry Seeley in 1882. But they sure have reinvented the iron since then. 

New designs make some of today’s irons look like something out of the future. Some of them are on a stand, and you just put your item underneath, and lower the iron on the material. I’m not so sure that is much of a help, and they come with a huge price tag. 

 I always look for an iron that is lightweight, as I’m the one moving the thing over the clothes. I also like the automatic shut-off feature, because we all get distracted. 

I realize our lifestyles have changed, and many of the materials of today are blended so they require little or no ironing. After all, I’m pretty sure most of us own some comfy spandex yoga pants. 

Yes, with our new-age clothes dryers, they pretty much expel all the wrinkles, and if that’s not possible, just hang the piece of wrinkled clothing near the shower, and the steam will definitely make it better.  

Ironing can be fun. I like to think I do some thinking while I’m ironing – right up there with my deep thoughts while mowing the grass. I sometimes listen to music or I have been known to set up the ironing board near a TV. The main thing is to not let the clothes that need pressing accumulate, because a large pile of ironing can be daunting. 

But mainly, I just enjoy the finished product, lightly starched, hanging neatly on the hanger in the closet. 

Yes, sometimes I am a neat freak, which my granddaughter told me when she saw my closet arranged by colors. After explaining my reasoning, I have since been told she has joined ranks and has all her clothes neatly hanging with like colors. Maybe there’s hope for the next generation after all.