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Afterthoughts 3-29
'Remodel' a dirty word
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If any of you ever hear me mention the word “remodel,” please immediately shut me down. Finishing up the latest remodeling endeavor at the Hobbs house is almost here, with the very final touches being applied to the master bed, bath, utility room and entrance hall renovation.
It all started simple enough with me wanting the 30+ year-old wallpaper removed, and the carpet taken out to make way for hardwood flooring. Well, as usual, it escalated and escalated to quite a renovation.
Let me say, it’s beautiful, and I had a great crew to work with. A crew that understood my husband, Michael’s, and my decorating style – kind of farmhouse, rustic, I don’t want to throw anything old away kind of style! Paul Freeman, Brian Mason and a host of other talented craftsmen made sure we got everything we wanted and worked hard to maintain the integrity of the 150-year-old house.
The guys are truly talented, helping us come up with floor plan choices to give us as much living space as possible. One of the biggest changes was doing away with my closet in the bedroom, and Michael’s to combine them into one large closet. That’s my concern, sharing a closet with my husband. I admit I do have lots of clothes, but he has more! He loves to shop and he has a lot of work clothes and coats, as well as more dressy clothes and shoes.
The space that was once his walk-in closet has been transformed into a large shower, which has already come in handy. Just this past weekend, all five of the grandchildren came for lunch, bringing two dogs along. As a result of the nice rains we have had, several large puddles of standing water joined our yard, and of course, the three youngest boys and the dogs found it. Needless to say, their parents weren’t going to let them in the cars to go home because they were both wet and muddy. The shower was perfect for the children, and for the dogs.
Daughter Emily rolled up her pants and got into the shower with the dogs, using the spray nozzle to give them a bath. Very successful, multi-purpose addition to the home.
From my experience in remodeling, I have learned two very valuable lessons – it always takes much longer than anticipated and costs more than ever expected.
We started with demolition in November, and just now finishing. I told the guys we spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day with them, and I didn’t want to spend Easter in their company. Not that we don’t enjoy their fun personalities, we just want the project to be over.
As I was coming through the house recently, I overheard Michael talking to the guys about wanting to “re-do” the den area, and I immediately said “Oh no you don’t!” One remodeling project per six years is enough for me!