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Afterthoughts 3-12
Spring has sprung?
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It seems Mother Nature is at it again. By that I mean she is confused about which season we’re in. With our roller coaster weather, it’s hard to figure out some days.
There is a funny saying, “If you don’t like our weather … just wait a few minutes and it will change,” or something like that, meaning we may be freezing in the morning, and then wearing shorts in the evening.
Spring is definitely on its way, with the official date being March 20. By then we may have a record snowfall, flooding conditions or 70 degree plus weather. Either way, many flowers are starting to bloom, trees are budding out and grass is starting to grow.
I enjoy being out-of-doors, and one of my pastimes is working in the yard. I enjoy planting and reaping the benefits of flowers and shrubs, but I especially like to put on my shorts and flip flops and jump on the lawn mower. It’s so rewarding to see the finished product following a long day’s work, but then I think I’ll have to do it again in a few days!
Working in the yard is hard, but gardening is a whole other type of strenuous. The garden at the Hobbs house is quite small, but I can’t imagine taking care of a larger spot.
We decided many years back to forgo the large plot with everything possible growing and producing vegetables just because of the time it takes to maintain it.
We have a plot that is approximately 10 x 10 feet, essentially a raised bed contained by crossties for our garden. It is my husband's garden, and I guess I’m his assistant, as I help along the way with the planting and cultivating. My work comes in when the plants start producing and I get to figure out what to do with them. I share with family and friends, and can or freeze what the family enjoys.
There is nothing quite as good as fresh vegetables and our family enjoys almost any variety. Probably our favorite is vine-ripe tomatoes, followed by cucumbers and squash. Speaking of squash, when they start producing, they are bountiful. Over the years, I have gotten quite creative in ways to prepare squash, with the all-time favorite being fried to a golden brown. 
Tomatoes are also a favorite of many, with gardeners trying to outdo each other in trying to see who can get the first ripe tomato; therefore they get the bragging rights.
No matter the size of your garden, many rewards can be derived. It’s very fulfilling to dig around in the dirt, plant seeds or plants and watch them grow.
So I challenge you, if you don’t have a garden, give it a whirl, but start small. Maybe plant a few plants in some containers on the porch, or till up a small plot to start with. If you don’t, you may have more squash and tomatoes than you know what to do with.