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WCHS students taste the world
World Language Class has international meal
WCHS International day2.jpg

There are many reasons to learn a foreign language, including partaking in a delicious international meal at the end of the school year.

Warren County High School’s World Language Class was treated to Mexican and French foods on Wednesday. Served were cheese quesadillas, street tacos, street corn and crepes.

Street tacos were offered by Linda Taylor.

“We’re having a good time,” said Taylor. “I’ve cooked 125 pounds beef, sliced 30 onions and diced 30 cilantro. I had a student request pork chorizo. I told him that if he’d bring it I’d cook it. So, we have that as well. It’s delicious but it costs more than beef. I’ll probably serve 1,000 street tacos today.”

Traditionally, lettuce, tomato and cheese are not served on street tacos. Salsa can be.

Chris Miller offered cheese quesadillas and Anne Hunter Myers offered street corn, also referred to as Mexican elote.

“It is grilled corn tossed with mayonnaise,” said Myers. “Today we have jalapenos, Tajin, and queso blanco if students want to spice it up. It’s a really good side dish. I’ve used 20 cans of corn and will probably use 20 more cans today.

Desserts were whipped up by Anne-Marie Loeffler. A crepe is a very thin type of pancake. They originated in France during the 13th century and are made with flour, eggs, butter and milk.

“I’ve been making crepes most of my life. My mother was French,” said Loeffler. “I’ve used 120 eggs, 12 pounds of flour, two pounds of butter and one-and-a-half gallons of milk. That’s going to make a lot of crepes.”

A table covered with a wide variety of fillings was available.

International foods met a domestic flair when numerous students opted to use chocolate and bacon inside their crepes.

“It’s delicious,” said sophomore Leela Beaty, who drizzled her chocolate, bacon crepe with caramel.

Junior Deisis Perez picked her favorite food of those offered, “My favorite would have to be the chorizo street taco. It looks great and it tastes really good.”

“I’m enjoying this,” said Elizabeth Templos. “The food is delicious.”

Patricia Bell served drinks and distributed paper products during the day-long celebration.