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WCHS students present 'SpongeBob the Musical'
Sponge - Main photo.jpg

Everyone’s favorite sponge can still be found in a pineapple under the sea.

Warren County High School students just finished three shows of “SpongeBob the Musical” performed in the school auditorium on Friday night and twice Satuday. 

Kaden Hobbs grabbed the spotlight as lead character SpongeBob SquarePants. It wouldn’t be Bikini Bottom without Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and the villainous Planton lurking around.

As the story unfolds, the town is rocked by a news announcement declaring a volcano is about to erupt and Bikini Bottom will likely be destroyed.

The townspeople are led by Rachel McGee in her role as mayor. She suggests buying a giant escape pod to get away from the lava and everyone agrees. Everyone but SpongeBob and Patrick that is.

“We can’t abandon our home,” pleads SpongeBob.

Tristan Olsen plays the role of Mr. Krabs and replies, “There’s nothing you can do. You’re just a simple sponge.”

Patrick, played by Abigail McGee, and SpongeBob work out their problems in song. They dance around and proclaim they are “Best Friends Forever,” before SpongeBob gets reflective when he sings, “Am I just a simple sponge?”

SpongeBob aims to prove the townspeople wrong and disrupt the volcano eruption with a bubble device, and he gets the help of squirrel Sandy Cheeks played by Karigan Smith. Will the plan work? Can SpongeBob save Bikini Bottom?

“It’s been quite some time since the high school has had a major production like this one,” said director Rachel McGee. “It’s a 2.5-hour, full-length musical so it has taken a lot of work and it has been a challenge.”

McGee said money from a Music in the Classroom grant is what enabled the WCHS Theater Arts Department to purchase the rights to such an expensive show. “SpongeBob the Musical” just came available to schools and community theaters.

The set design is elaborate with recycling in mind. McGee says an entire prop was made using recycled milk jugs. Students furnished as much of their own costumes as possible.