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Walker appointed interim archivist
Walker archivist
Brad Walker, Magness Library director, has been named interim archivist for Warren County due to the resignation of Jean Hobbs. He will be replaced by Ann Brown when she completes the required training. Pictured are the two in the archives room. - photo by Lisa Hobbs

Magness Library director Brad Walker has been selected as interim archivist for Warren County. 

A county archivist assesses, collects, organizes, preserves, maintains control over, and provides access to records and archives determined to have long-term value. The archivist also establishes safeguards against unauthorized removal or destruction of the records.

“This is a temporary position while Ann Brown undergoes training,” said Walker. “You have to be certified, which I am. Certification takes about three years.”

Brown, who currently holds the title of assistant archivist in training, will begin the certification process and work with Walker to eventually take over the reins.

The two replace county archivist Jean Hobbs, who resigned.

Several years ago Hobbs was instrumental in moving the old county records stored in the basement of the courthouse in damp conditions to an air-conditioned room at Warren County Administration Offices where they can be preserved. She received her training at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

“It needs to be preserved and I guess it just fell on me to do it,” Hobbs said, at that time. “But I enjoy it. I think it’s really important. That’s why I do it.”

Walker was unanimously approved by the Warren County Commission on Oct. 21 to fill the position until Brown completes training. 

The archives are located in the lower level of Warren County Administrative Offices on Locust Street. Hours are generally 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday through Friday.