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Town with a view
McMinnville draws visitors from across the globe for eclipse party
James Clark, Lisa Hobbs photos--England residents coming to McMinnville to view the eclipse are Richard Jones, center, and his children, Wil Jones and Rhiannon Jones.
Warren County residents were fortunate to step outside and view the solar eclipse in full totality Monday. For New York resident Mark Flaum, it was a little more of a commitment.“It was a 15-hour drive to get here and it will be a 15-hour drive to get back home, so I’ve invested 30 hours of driving to see a two-minute eclipse,” said Flaum, a former science teacher, who watched the eclipse from the Civic Center parking lot.He made the trip with Kevin Berler, who currently teaches earth science for grades 10-11 in Baldwinsville, N.Y. Berler said he picked McMinnville because of its location.“It’s totality, but it’s not full totality,” said Berler. “We wanted to be on the edge of totality so we could see things like Bailey’s beads, the diamond ring effect and the chromosphere.”For Berler, this was on his bucket list of things to do after his dad saw a total solar eclipse in Chile in 1994.