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Students ask about substitute teachers, cellphones
student advisory
Members of Warren County High Schools’ Student Advisory Committee presented December’s briefing to the Warren County School Board at this month's meeting held at Eastside Elementary. From left, Chalee Womack, Samantha Bonilla, Ashlyn Reagan, Evan Womack and others make up the committee which represents the thoughts, opinions, and concerns of the student body.

Warren County High School’s Student Advisory Committee presented the group’s monthly briefing during the Warren County School Board meeting which was held at Eastside School.  

Included in the briefing were topics discussed with WCHS executive principal Clark George. 

• The committee reported concerns that no advertisement or advancement has been made concerning the “StopIt” app which was purchased by the school system. 

With “StopIt,” users can make reports of bullying and other inappropriate behaviors. George advised the committee that plans are in the works to get information concerning the app to the student body. 

• The shortage of substitute teachers was addressed by the group in the monthly report. “Students have noticed the substitute teacher shortage as teachers are covering more and more classes for substitutes. The shortage is affecting teachers and students.”  

• The Advisory Committee posed the following questions about substitutes: 

- Is there action being taken to resolve the issue? 

- When a position is not filled by a substitute teacher, where do these funds go? 

- Other districts offer pay for teachers covering a substitute position while maintaining his or her own classroom. Is this an option in our district?

• Cellphone confusion was addressed as principal George indicated cellphones are to be put away or taken up during class time. Students reporting to the Advisory Committee indicated some teachers follow the policy and some do not. The inconsistency is the origin of the confusion.

• The Advisory Committee requested the Warren County School Board please visit the following Instagram accounts:

Wchs_verses – This page has scriptures which encourage and has gained 130 followers.

Wchs_positivity — It contains positive messages with 200 followers

Wchs_positivevibes — Users can find and post positive messages about others here. It has gained 452 followers and growing. 

These accounts were anonymously created to promote kindness and positivity. “The creator is unknown. That’s the great thing about it. Opinions don’t matter. It’s not a biased page,” said Advisory Committee member Chalee Womack.

Director of Schools Dr. Grant Swallows also commented on the pages and said, “If you happen to make it on there, they are saying good things about people and we need more of that.”

The Student Advisory Committee is led by Warren County High School teachers Paddi Smith and Jamie Branin.