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Still teaching after all these years
Jacobs reflects on 50 years in classroom
Fifty-year teacher Eva Jacobs still enjoys her time in the classroom and guiding students on their academic path.

Fifty years have passed quickly for teacher Eva Jacobs, so quickly it’s hard for her to believe she has been in the classroom that long. With the close of this school year, she will accomplish the milestone.
Jacobs has been teaching at Covenant Academy 10 years, currently guiding seven second-graders on their quest for learning. 
“My time teaching has been a treasure, a vocation I truly love,” said Jacobs. “Teaching little ones is a big responsibility, one that can have an impact on their future.”
She chose education mainly because of the positive influence she received from many of her own instructors. She remembers being in the first grade and helping her first-time teacher with her duties.
“She was young and new, and had a mixed classroom of first- through fourth-grade students,” said Jacobs. “Needless to say, she was lost. I already knew how to read, and I just started helping her with the younger ones. I always loved that teacher for what she did for me.”
The Van Buren County native attended Tennessee Tech University, originally majoring in accounting, but soon realizing education was her true love.
Jacobs started teaching first grade at William Biles School, staying their three years before moving to West Elementary for several years. She also spent 10 years at Bobby Ray Elementary, starting there at the opening of the school.
“I had always taught first grade, and thought that was what I was supposed to do,” said Jacobs. “When I was asked to come to Covenant, they needed a second-grade teacher, so I took it on a challenge from friend and co-teacher, Mildred Simmons.”
Her small group of second-graders keep her on her toes, providing daily challenges. They all agree she is a good and fair teacher.
Jacobs is of special interest to student Matthew Breedlove, as he is the second generation to be taught by her. She had his father, Mike, in first grade at West. m
Covenant’s headmaster Alan Smith feels they are truly blessed to have Jacobs at the private school.
“She’s a great teacher, a blessing for the kids,” said Smith. They love her and she is doing a tremendous job with them. She is getting them more into academics and helping them achieve higher goals.” 
Jacobs is especially proud of her daughter, Candy, son Chris, and grandchildren Leela and Micah. Candy has followed her mother’s footsteps and is also an elementary teacher.
“Covenant’s atmosphere is perfect for me, so positive, and I can be the kind of person I want to be here,” said Jacobs.
When asked about retirement plans, the 73-year-old doesn’t have a definite answer.
“I still love what I’m doing, and I really enjoy getting up and coming into work each day,” said Jacobs. “I do feel Covenant is the perfect place for the ending of my story.”