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Seniors have fun at fair
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Senior citizens know how to have fun. That exclamation was evident at the annual Senior Citizen Day at the Warren County A&L Fair. Seniors of all ages and talent levels enjoyed their time on the stage and in the spotlight.
Various contests were held for their enjoyment, along with games, door prizes and lunch.
 Winners in the contests include:
Hog Calling Women — Fourth, Jean Ann Knudson; third, Teresa Mason; second, Wanda Sullivan; and first, Marion Speaks
Hog Calling Men —  Second, David R King; and first, Doyle Speaks
Most Handsome Man —  Fourth, David McCormick; third, Thomas Mingle; second, Dennis Kronlage; and first, William Miller
Prettiest Woman —  Fourth, Nellie Jones; third, Phyllis Hillis; second, Sylvia J. Thomas; and first, Wanda Sullivan
Talent Men — Second, David King; and first, David McCormick
Buck Dancing — Second, Evelyn Summerlin; and first, Carole Mohr
Oldest Man —  Fourth, Ed Bradford born 1936; third, Charles Harvey McCormick born 1930; second, Wayland "Bing" Parker born 1917; and first, Oscar Groves born 1913
Oldest Woman — Fourth, Melba Hillis born 1922; third, Ovella Smith born 1919; second, Lois Hennessee born 1917; and first, Helen Stromquist born 1911, age 102
Rooster Crowing — Fourth, David King; third,  Marion Speaks; second, Jean Ann Knudson; and first, Doyle Speaks
Couple Married Longest — Third, Doyle and Marion Speaks, Nov. 19, 1966; second, James and Jean Glenn, June 23, 1954; and first, Bob and Maxine Rhoady, Dec. 26, 1953
Men's' Sexy Legs —  Fourth, Charles Donnell; third, Ron Walker; second, Roy McDaniel; and first, Dennis Kronlage
Tall Tales — Third, Bobby Adams; second, David R King; and first, Carole Mohr
Talent Women — Fourth, Susie Carver; third, Alma Lee Holder; second, Sylvia J Thomas;  and first, Nellie Jones
Shortest Man — Fourth, Ed Bradford; third, David R King; second, Bobby Adams; first, Dennis Kronlage
Woman with Longest Hair — Fourth, Wanda Sullivan; third,  Rachel Caldwell; second, Donna Brady; and first, Loyce McGregor
Cracker Eating Contest — Fourth, Ron Walker; third, Doyle Speaks; second, Helen Schrimpt; and first,  Carole Mohr
Knotted Knee — Fourth, Merkie Williamson; third, Rachel Caldwell; second, Bobby Adams; and first, Doyle Speaks
Woman with Prettiest Legs — Fourth, Phyllis Hillis; third, Maxine Rhoady; second, Wanda Sullivan; and first, Nellie Jones
Talent Group — First, David and Iona King
Seed Spitting — Fourth, Roy McDaniel; third, Marion Speaks; second, Carole Mohr; and first,  Doyle Speaks
Fair Hat — Fourth, Janice K Martin; third, Iona King; second, Marion Speaks; and first, Lorene Newby
Dress-Up — Fourth, Ashley Freeze and Bea Parton; third, Doyle and Marion Speaks; second, Bobby and Edith Adams; and first, Ron Walker and Carole Mohr